Our approach to laundry water recycling is simple, cost-effective and ensures long term performance

The PurePulse technology is simple and can be easily integrated in existing or new commercial laundry facility. The automatic system is easy to operate and maintain with built-in filtration and membrane cleaning programs for hassle-free operation, reliability and high performance. Additionally, there is no need to cool process water for filtration. The PurePulse system filters hot water and returns water close to process temperature for additional energy savings.

The PurePulse technology is the only hollow fiber ceramic membrane in the textile care industry worldwide that filters as low as 40 – 5 nm. The uniform and fine pores on the membrane acts an important barrier to remove contaminants in wash floor discharge such as turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids, viruses and bacteria and color, thus providing greater recycled water quality without additional downstream processes such as reverse osmosis.

Highest water recovery rate and safe recycled water quality

Unmatched water and energy cost savings benefits, low running costs and fast payback

Continuous filtration providing high-energy recovery opportunity

Outstanding filtration and backwashing efficiency to maintain high flux and filtration performance

Enhanced total dissolved solids reduction without downstream Reverse Osmosis or Deionization process

Compact filtration skid and easy-to-install by tapping into existing pipe connections and infrastructure

Intelligent design allowing for future expansion without changing the original plant footprint

Sustainable solution to champion green building credentials and certification

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