Water Recovery Systems (WRS) is an innovative water technology company that specializes in compact hollow fiber ceramic membrane filtration systems for textile care applications.

Our exclusive membrane technology is one-of-its kind in the industry with unmatched filtration capability of 40 nm (standard) to 5 nm. Our PurePulseā„¢ Technology is developed, tested and proven through many years of membrane Research & Development to exceed industry requirements and needs.

Our combined unique advantage of the proprietary membrane technology and experienced team of membrane specialists ensure we maximize water and energy recovery potentials for our customers according to washroom operations and water/wastewater discharge quality.

Our ability to provide a custom, fit-for-purpose solution enables the PurePulse system to deliver highest and consistent water quality. This quality of filtration and operation provides significant economic benefits with low operating costs and long membrane service life.

Our customer-focused approach ensures we deliver membrane solutions that work and are sustainable for long term.